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How healthy is your company?

You depend on your employees. They are the lifeblood of your business. You take care of them as best you can, but are they taking care of themselves?

Perhaps no other source provides greater risks and challenges (and opportunities) to an organization than its most important asset, people. More than anything else, it's their performance, as individuals and team members, that drives success, and nothing impacts performance like health.

It's business...and personal

As an employer, you can't control the personal health of your employees, but there are concrete, positive steps you can take to manage the risks of unhealthy personal behaviors to your organization, and improve your company's performance.

Westfall at the Workplace, a service line of Westfall Associates, leverages resources, expertise and over 25 years' clinical practice experience to help employers develop solutions to identify, prevent and effectively address substance abuse and other life and health concerns, from pre-employment to key employees.

Our approach emphasizes the practical nature of the employer-employee relationship, and their vested interest in how health impacts personal and organizational effectiveness. Within that framework, we'll help you implement thoughtful, results driven strategies that balance your needs and support the health and well-being of your workforce.

Bottom line...employee health is your business

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